Dinosaur Moon

Dinosaur Moon
Dinosaur Moon

Check out my newest artwork…Dinosaur Moon!


Somewhere on a moon orbiting a world far from earth, dinosaurs live again. Long necked sauropods roam through orange fields edged by strnge purple trees. Ornithopods too run through the long alien grasses. In the skies a pterosaur glides over strange rock structures that jut up from the ground, and, in the sky, the horizon is dominated by the ringed planet around which this sci-fi nature preserve circles. 

So, I haven’t played video games much in the past twenty years, but, as a software engineer and IT professional, I still get lots of articles about them in my news feeds. One that I’ve seen pop up a lot recently is science fiction game called “No Man’s Sky”. While I don’t know anything about how the game is played or its backstory, I was very impressed with it’s visuals: alien worlds with strange flora and fauna. So I was inspired by those visuals to create this scfi-fi/paleoart mashup. The dinosaurs, by the way, are giraffatitan and altirhinus. The pterosaur is an anhanguera.

If you’d like to know more about the technique I used to make this, here is a link to an overview: http://fineartbydaniel.com/2017/12/18/how-i-make-art-3d-rendering/

To see about some of the software tools I use, here is a link to my resources list: http://fineartbydaniel.com/resources/

Thanks for looking!
Daniel Eskridge

Rottenwood Creek

Rottenwood Creek
An impressionist photo of Rottenwood Creek

Here is an impressionist styled artwork depicting Rottenwood Creek winding through the woods of North Atlanta on a fall day. The creek empties into the Chattahoochee river only a few hundred yards behind the viewer.

This is from a photograph that I took in November of 2017. The area is actually a dense urban part of Atlanta right where I-75 and I-285 meet. However, the areas around the river have been kept natural. This is a popular fishing spot in the north Metro Atlanta area as well as the location of a rather new park. To the north of this area is Bull Sluice lake which is created by Morgan Falls dam.

I heavily post processed the photo using Topaz Studio with particular use of the Impression plugin to give it the Monet -like impressionist painting look.

It you want to know what Topaz Impression is, click here check out my overview of it

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