Since I mostly create art digitally, I can’t offer originals. Unlike a traditional artform, such as oil painting, where the original art is a natural product of the process of creation, digital art creates a virtual product that exists on the computer as a file. Prints, of course, can be made from this file, but to satisfy collectors with unique items, I offer two alternatives:

The hand signed artist’s proof

The Long Journey Home

The artist’s proof is a print I have made and sent to myself. I only will have one such proof made. These I will hand sign on the front (usually in the bottom corner). This is about as close as one can get to an original. It’s been in my possession and will be the only hand signed print for a particular work.

An example of such a proof is my copy of “The Long Journey Home” which hangs in my office behind me.

If you are interested in obtaining of a particular work of mine please contact me directly: Contact Daniel.


NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are a form of digital collectible that work on the same technology as crypto currency, such as Bitcoin. It’s best to think of them as the digital equivalent of a baseball card. Like a baseball card which has an image of a famous player it, you can own the NFT which has one of my artworks on it.

For the most part, I only offer single edition NFTs. So, there is only one NFT for any given work.

In addition, I have some special works that I produce only for NFTs. For these I’ve taken advantage of the digital medium and have created semi-animated Motion Art which are based on my regular works, but have animated elements. You can see an example below.

If you are interested, you can check them out on Opensea, an online marketplace for NFTs by clicking here: