Lizard Man Cover of the ‘Horror Zine’

Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp
The Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

My illustration for the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp has made the cover of the summer 2023 issue of ‘Horror Zine’. You can check it out on Amazon. (

My Dire Wolf is now on a book cover!

My work, Dire wolf appears on the cover of Deep in the Wild: Dire Wolves, a novel by author Gerry Griffiths. You can check out the book here: The work is altered a bit for the cover, but if you want to see what the original looks like: 

By the way, here is what my original looks like:

Mammoths in a University of Cambridge Article

Lords of the Ice Age

It’s always nice to spot one of my art works in my newsfeed. This one is in an article on by the University of Cambridge. Check it out:

Also, the same image is being used in a similar article on

I’m featured in Wild West Magazine!

Wild West Magazine
This is the cover of the issue I’m featured in.

In the June 2019 of Wild West Magazine, I’m the featured artist!  They show several of my works, some with full page displays.  What’s really cool is that I was able to actually find this on the newsstand at my local Barnes and Noble.

Apparently, there are quite a few subscribers who liked what they saw.  I had quite a nice bump in print sales almost immediately.

There’s a short interview with me included as well, but here are a couple of the works that were featured.

Guardians of the Plains
“Guardians of the Plains” — this one had a half page display.

The Eyes of Winter
“The Eyes of Winter” — One of my works that was a full page display in the magazine