Chattahoochee Fall


Chattahoochee Fall
Chattahoochee Fall, An Impressionist Artwork

The Chattahoochee river winds through autumn colored trees in this impressionist styled art.

This is from a photograph that I took in November of 2017 just south of the Morgan Falls dam on the Chattahoochee river.  This is a popular fishing spot in the north Metro Atlanta area as well as the location of a rather new Park.  To the north of this area is Bull Sluice lake which is created by the dam.
I took the photo at evening just a few minutes before sunset when the sunlight was reflecting off the bottom of the clouds.  There were a number of fisherman around me, but I managed to get an angle were they weren’t in the frame.
I heavily post processed the photo using Topaz Studio with particular use of the Impression plugin to give it the Monet -like impressionist painting look.  If you want to know what Topaz Impression is, check out my overview of it on my blog:
Thanks for looking!

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