Dinosaur Moon

Dinosaur Moon
Dinosaur Moon

Check out my newest artwork…Dinosaur Moon!


Somewhere on a moon orbiting a world far from earth, dinosaurs live again. Long necked sauropods roam through orange fields edged by strnge purple trees. Ornithopods too run through the long alien grasses. In the skies a pterosaur glides over strange rock structures that jut up from the ground, and, in the sky, the horizon is dominated by the ringed planet around which this sci-fi nature preserve circles. 

So, I haven’t played video games much in the past twenty years, but, as a software engineer and IT professional, I still get lots of articles about them in my news feeds. One that I’ve seen pop up a lot recently is science fiction game called “No Man’s Sky”. While I don’t know anything about how the game is played or its backstory, I was very impressed with it’s visuals: alien worlds with strange flora and fauna. So I was inspired by those visuals to create this scfi-fi/paleoart mashup. The dinosaurs, by the way, are giraffatitan and altirhinus. The pterosaur is an anhanguera.

If you’d like to know more about the technique I used to make this, here is a link to an overview: http://fineartbydaniel.com/2017/12/18/how-i-make-art-3d-rendering/

To see about some of the software tools I use, here is a link to my resources list: http://fineartbydaniel.com/resources/

Thanks for looking!
Daniel Eskridge