The Scene Store

My scenes are high resolution 24 megapixel ready-made environments that you can use in your making your own digital art. Each one comes as a Photoshop file which contains layers separating the background from the foreground and mid-ground.  That way, it’s easy to integrate your own elements into the scene.

Each one costs $2.99 (U.S.), and all purchases are handled by

These files are intended for use by digital artists looking for ready made backgrounds.  Essentially they are a high-end form of stock image resource aimed at artists who do digital painting and photo-manipulation.  However, they are also a good tool for advertisers, publishers, web page designers, etc…anyone who needs a background of a natural setting, There are no restrictions on use of these scenes.

Each scene is saved as a psd file for use in Adobe Photoshop, but can be used in any image editing application that allows the importing of psd files, such as GIMP.   They are generally large enough to print a 13″ x 20″ hard copy at 300 dpi.

Also, hard copies can be provided.  Using FineArtAmerica as a fulfillment service, you can order paper, canvas, metal, or acrylic prints.