Reading About Dragons

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About this artwork

It's a warm summer day. A woman sits against a tree reading a thick novel. She is flanked by two small dragons, one green, the other blue. Perhaps the dragons are real or just creatures of her imagination that have leapt from the pages of the book. The sun shines down brightly upon the trio. They lounge in the shade of a moss covered tree in long grass full of white wildflowers. Puffy white clouds drift lazily in the sky over the gentle tree covered hills in the distance. The woman has long brown hair woven into braids. She is barefoot but wears a red patterned dress and a white shirt. She looks down intently at the heavy book cradled in her hands. Near her legs the little green dragon looks off into the distance. Meanwhile, the blue dragon lays down in the grass on the other side of her.

School had just recently gotten out here in North Georgia, and I was reminded of when I was young and had summers off. This was the time of year that I would finally have time to tackle the pile up the novels that I had built up over the school year. I've always been partial to sci fi, horror, and fantasy stories. Fantasy, in particular, was the genre of fiction that I read most during the summers. So I guess being reminded of summer reading inspired this particular image. I rather liked the way it turned out. I am particularly partial the tree trunk in this one.

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