Poseidon vs. the Kraken

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About this artwork

Poseidon, the ancient Greek got of the sea does battle with the Kraken, a giant octopus. The two great beings of mythology clash as a storm breaks sending lightning streaking down from the dark skies and giant waves crash against the rocks upon with the got and titan struggle. Posiedon raises his trident to strike as the Kraken wraps it tentacles around its foe.

Greek mythology is one of the most common themes in the art of western civilization. I've been working on a collection of artworks depicting figures from mythology. This one, in fact, is very similar to my version of Zeus (https://daniel-eskridge.pixels.com/featured/the-wrath-of-zeus-daniel-eskridge.html).

Do you want to know more about how this was made? Check out my overview of 3D Render Art.

If you want to know about some of the specific computer applications that I used to create this, check out my Resource List page.

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