Pegasus The Winged Horse

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About this artwork

The mighty white stallion of Greek mythology stands atop a snowy, rocky mountain top. As the wind blows through his mane and tail, he flexes his white feathery wings. Behind him, light puffy clouds also ride the wind through a dawn sky. Pegasus is one of the most well known creatures from ancient mythology. He was said to be born of the blood of Medusa after she was killed by the hero Perseus and is often associated with Poseidon (who, in addition to being the god of the sea, was also the god of horses). He is also a symbol, appearing in numerous emblems, coats of arms, and logos.

I've created a few images featuring Pegasus before with more color in his body and wings, but for this one, I wanted to create a more iconic scene with him in a more solid white coat.

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