Hello, Dinner, I'll Be Your Wolf Tonight

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About this artwork

It's a cold day, and snow blankets the ground. A dense fog has rolled in causing you to lose your way. A distant howl alerts you to trouble: the wildlife out here in the frozen wilderness of North America can quite dangerous. Suddenly, a form materializes in the mists before you. A huge animal stands there in perfect silence staring directly at you. Meet the Gray Wolf.

I have have produced quite a number of wolf themed images over the year. They are always a fun subject. For this one, I was going for just a strong portrait of a lone wolf where almost all the focus of the image was on the animal. So, I went with a foggy scene to obscure any background details. I altered the eyes just a bit to give them more expression that a wolf would really have. I wanted him to look like he was expecting your arrival...waiting for his next meal to blunder into him in the fog.

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