Enter the Outlaw

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About this artwork

Into the ramshackle saloon bursts a dark gunslinger. After a blaze of gunfire with this six shooters, he stands there with smoking barrels. He wears a hat and a coat made from the skin and fur of a black bear. A dark scarf obscures his face. This is the man in black. He is the villain of the American Wild West, the bad guy, the desperado, the embodiment of evil...the Outlaw...and he's brought along his angry black cat :D

So even though this image this image is of a villain, it was actually inspired by my favorite heroic character The Shadow. The saloon is something I made by creating a digital model of a single wooden board, then using it over and over again to make the walls and floors. Originally, I had the gunslinger by himself, but felt that the scene needed a little bit more. Borrowing an idea from Edouard Manet's "Olympia", I decided to add the black cat.

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