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About this artwork

A white egret stands in profile. It wades in the water near some papyrus plants in front of a foggy background. The egret is any of several types of heron. They make for a good subject for art as they have a great "S" shaped neck that looks good in compositions. Plus, their white feathers can really look bright against a dark background and draw the viewers to an artwork. For this work, I was going more for the look of a painting rather than realism.

Rather than traditional forms of art such as painting or photography I use a computer to create my images. It's called 3D Rendering and works like so: I make a scene by sculpting and arranging digital models in a virtual 3D space. After stipulating lighting and atmospheric effects I have the computer create a simulated environment from which I take a virtual snap shot of the scene. Then using image editing software and something more akin to traditional painting techniques (via a Wacom tablet) I go over the work adjusting colors adding brushwork painting in details etc. to produce the final image.

Do you want to know more about how this was made? Check out my overview of 3D Render Art.

If you want to know about some of the specific computer applications that I used to create this, check out my Resource List page.

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