Appaloosa Warrior Horse

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About this artwork

Emerging from the mists, a warrior horse gallops towards the viewer in this scene from the American Wild West. The Appaloosa, a white horse with brown spots, is painted for war in red and blue war paint. For keen senses, this Indian pony has the sun painted around its eye. Because he has brought his rider back unharmed from battle, there is a hand print on its hindquarters. The fire arrow on its neck to cause harm to its foes. Because it has pushed a person over, the horse has hand prints on its chest. The blue dots are hail to rain down upon enemies.

I've created several artworks before this featuring appaloosas. They've been rather popular, but I've never depicted such a horse in war paint (another popular theme in my art). So I decided it was time and made this the first artwork of mine in 2021.

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