Dawn Field

Here is an early morning scene ready for hunters, or animals, or whatever else you can imagine. Behind the long golden grass in the foreground a dark line of fir trees rises into the early morning sky. This background is 6000 x 4000 pixels and contains three layers.

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What is this background?

It’s is a Photoshop (psd) file that contains a high resolution scene for digital artists to use in the making of their art. This scene presents a natural environment where the artist can place their own subjects and elements. It’s sold uncompressed so that there are no compression artifacts or noise.  Transactions are handled by Gumroad.com, a secure and trusted broker in digital content.

Multiple Layers

This scene contains several layers. These layers allow the artist easily to integrate their subjects into the scene or to just use elements from the layers. You can see the layers under the main image on this page.

High Resolution

This scene has a very high resolution: it is 24 megapixels, that is, 6000×4000 pixels. At that size, artists can produce poster prints at 100dpi of 60″ x 40″ (152cm x 101cm) and 300dpi prints of 20″ x 13.3″ (50.8cm x 33.8cm).

Printed Copy

Would you rather have a canvas or paper version of the background that you can directly paint or draw on?  You can do it that way too (with the help FineArtAmerica.com). Just click here to see this image under my MindscapeArts profile on FAA:

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