Wading Horse

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About this artwork

A muscular brown and white horse with a black mane and tail wades into shallow forest pond and gazes at its reflection. Perhaps this wild mustang is about to drink or simply is watching the fish. Maybe it is lonely and looks to its mirror image as a companion. I, however, prefer to think that horse is sort of the equine version of Narcissus, the mythological Greek hunter who was in love with his own reflection (and the source of the word narcissist).

For this image, I started with the idea of a pine forest with a blue glow to it, hence, the background. It was later that I came up with the idea for the foreground horse after seeing someone riding a horse by a lake. I liked the idea of reflecting the horse in the water. Also, in this image, I like the way the brown spots on the horse's coat worked with the blue and green of the environment.

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