Age of Sail

Age of Sail
Age of Sail from my Ship themed art series

Here’s a work I put together a few years ago.  I’m including it in my blog today as I’m working on adding a couple of my ship themed works to the gallery over the next couple of days….

A fleet of heavily armed ships emgerges from the fog. Led by the massive ship of the line HMS Victory, they create a forest of sails in the ocean that dissappears into the distance. Around them, the choppy sea roils as they crash through the waves towards the viewer. 

When I was growing up, my parents had a print of two ships shooting it out, and I always rather liked it. Marine warfare themed art is, of course, an extremely common subject. So I’ve seen quite a bit of it. I’ve experimented a bit by creating works featuring the HMS Victory, but this was the first time I’ve tried multiple ships.  

If you are interested in how I created this, check out my How It’s Made page, and for resources used such as software applications, go to my Resources page.

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