In Progress – “Staring Contest”

I have another wolf themed work in the pipeline.  My original compositional idea was based on a triangle.  My working title was “Trio” but when I saw how things were shaping up with the intense gaze of all three wolves on the viewer, I decided to change the name to “Staring Contest”.

At this point, I’ve got the rendering done, and now it goes to post-production.  This much fur is probably going to take a lot of time to spruce up in Photoshop.

If your interested in how I make art, check out my “How It’s Made” page, and if you want a list of some of the resources that I use, check out my Resource Guide.

Finally, I’ve also recently added a Quick Start Guide To Selling Art Online that gives you an overview of how I sell art (and, if you’re an artist, how you can too).

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