Rottenwood Creek

Rottenwood Creek
An impressionist photo of Rottenwood Creek

Here is an impressionist styled artwork depicting Rottenwood Creek winding through the woods of North Atlanta on a fall day. The creek empties into the Chattahoochee river only a few hundred yards behind the viewer.

This is from a photograph that I took in November of 2017. The area is actually a dense urban part of Atlanta right where I-75 and I-285 meet. However, the areas around the river have been kept natural. This is a popular fishing spot in the north Metro Atlanta area as well as the location of a rather new park. To the north of this area is Bull Sluice lake which is created by Morgan Falls dam.

I heavily post processed the photo using Topaz Studio with particular use of the Impression plugin to give it the Monet -like impressionist painting look.

It you want to know what Topaz Impression is, click here check out my overview of it

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